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Orange Peel Domestic


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  • QUICK AND EFFICIENT: With the peeling pace of 3 fruits or vegetables per minute, this peeler is one of the most effective peelers on the market! You now have the ability to set a consistent peeling depth that will minimize waste and leave you with the most of your favorite foods within seconds. Once the automatic peeling process is started, you can go back to finish any other meal preparations.
  • SAFE AND EASY OPERATION: Successfully peel unwanted skin with just a push of a button! Once the fruit is placed on the stainless steel trident, just select the thickness of skin you want peeled, and then push the button to start. It really is just that simple!
  • BUILT FOR MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Never stop finding uses for this practical tool! As long as the food is a spherical shape, you can have it automatically peeled in seconds. Common applications include peeling apples, oranges, and lemons, but it can easily handle delicate foods such as peaches and kiwis, or tougher foods such as potatoes.
  • DEPENDABILITY MEANS GREAT INVESTMENT: This product is engineered for simplicity which translates to longevity of the product. Once the initial investment is made, the only thing to worry about is a friend “borrowing” it! The parts that repeatedly encounter moisture are made of stainless steel, and incase the peeling gets messy, a plastic protector to cover the keypad buttons is included.
  • SIMPLY MINIMAL CLEANUP: Simple tear down allows for quick and easy cleaning. We believe our product should save you time rather than having any time saved be spent on cleanup. This design allows for a fast, painless cleanup that will never lead you to hesitate using this tool, even for the easiest of peeling jobs!

Model Number: OPD-001

General Features:
Orange Peel Domestic includes a plastic protector for the keypad.
Allows quick and safe cleaning.
Peels any kind of fruit and vegetable with spherical or oval shape
Complete manual included
Stainless steel trident and awl for holding food
Cylinder with positioner to adjust the thickness of the cutting blade
Detachable electrical cable included.
Materials and parts guaranteed by Pelamatic

Technical Features:
Fruits per minute: 3 units
Voltage: 110 volts
Dimensions: 8.66 x 6.42 x 9.84 in.
Net weight:  4.41 lbs
Consumption: 1.0 A.

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