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Licensed Pelamatic Peeler Distributors

U.S.A. Unlimited is proud to be the only Pelamatic machine distributor in the United States.  Pelamatic peelers are automated vegetable and fruit and nut peelers and shellers that are safe and easy to use. Our appliances are made of high-quality materials and are designed and built to provide years of service. Until recently, these machines were only available in Europe and Australia. As the first Pelamatic machine distributor in North America, U.S.A. Unlimited offers a wide variety of Pelamatic appliances for commercial kitchens and at-home use. In addition, our online store also carries Pelamatic replacement parts to keep your appliance in top shape..

Pelamatic’s Spain-based manufacturers spent more than 20 years perfecting their quick and easy-to-use appliances. Pelamatic peelers handle a range of produce, including oranges, apples, potatoes, beans, and more. If you want to up the efficiency of your food preparation process, shop our selection of domestic and industrial appliances now!