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Popular in Europe and Australia, Pelamatic electric peelers are high-quality food processing appliances taking the North American market by storm. Designed for both domestic and industrial settings, Pelamatic peelers are easy to use and accommodate a variety of produce. Wondering what makes Pelamatic machines so appealing? Below we outline three of the main benefits of Pelamatic’s automatic fruit peeling machines.

Pelamatic Peelers Are Durable.

The stainless steel components and sturdy design of the appliances are two of the main benefits of Pelamatic electric peelers. Both the domestic and industrial peelers process fruit peels with varying thicknesses at multiple speeds. Due to the high efficiency of these appliances, processing a large quantity of food could contribute to significant wear and tear. Because they’re made from high-quality materials, Pelamatic peelers have a long lifespan, and you can purchase easy-to-replace parts if you need them. While the appliances repeatedly encounter moisture during the pealing process, the peelers’ stainless steel components combat rust. In addition, electronic components like the keypad are shielded by a plastic protector.

Pelamatic Peelers Are Versatile.

Pelamatic peelers are used in multiple settings, including distilleries, academic dining services, catering companies, and juice bars. Companies choose Pelamatic peelers when they want to optimize their kitchen’s processes. At home, Pelamatic fruit peelers cut down on the time needed for food preparation, so you can prepare your meal quickly and enjoy quality time with the family.

Pelamatic Peelers Are Efficient.

A Pelamatic peeler’s design ensures that food stays in place during the peeling process. As a result, the peeler minimizes waste while processing food quickly, maximizing efficiency. One of the direct benefits of Pelamatic electric peelers for businesses is that an increase in efficiency often leads to an increase in revenue. The more productive your business is, the more you can accommodate customers’ orders and various demands. A benefit of automatic Pelamatic fruit peeling machines for the at-home user is that the appliances can be used with ease by almost any chef, including those with arthritis or another disability that makes peeling difficult.


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