Doing Business Beyond Boundaries

Our home product line of kitchen peeler machines adds convenience in a busy day by taking over the task of peeling or shelling fresh fruits or vegetables. Our products are easy to use and clean, and are high-quality machines that provide years of service, and come with a full warranty. Pelamatic’s domestic fruit and vegetable peelers are compact, so they can easily fit in your kitchen. Several of the appliances feature stainless steel parts, making them durable and easy to replace should any accidents arise.

While domestic fruit and vegetable peelers are some of Pelamatic’s flagship products, USA Unlimited also carries electric nutcrackers and bean shelling machines. Pelamatic appliances can be used to prepare several different types of food, including nuts, citrus fruits, vegetables, and olives. The kitchen peeler machines, nutcrackers, and shellers feature simple, user-friendly designs. Several machines come in different models that vary in speed and capacity. Explore our inventory to find the Pelamatic appliance that fits your specific needs!